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@ hive-184127
I saw your post in the community fr

The Solo-Hashtag: #Finance (which allows you to find everything related to finance)

What is the difference with the leofinance tag, which is made for precisely speaking of finance (with the advantage of providing a hive-engine tokens)

I see that hiveboost and the admin of the C / Regional Press community, what does he offer, and what must be delegated to him for him to "boost" us

When you say :

Benefits of posting to the REGIONAL PRESS community
We have awesome challenges and rewards every day, week and month based on web 3 strategies and inclusive economy principles

What are the challenges?
What is the Web 3 strategy?
what do you mean by inclusive economy?

Today our community is small, but we will grow quickly because we are interconnected with very important external communities.

What are its communities?

I want to participate but the project is not developed.



Our strategies have already been developed and will be gradually clarified as they are integrated into the community.

  • We are in phase 1 of our integration. This phase consists of setting up our community and pre-installing an affiliate system.
  • All terms will be explained by curators and moderators.
  • @hashtag-booster is a member who is preparing a new classification and referencing architecture for future articles that will be selected and rewarded by our curators.

#FR : Nous stratégies, sont déjà élaborées. elles seront progressivement explicités au fur et à mesure de leur intégration dans la communauté.

  • Nous sommes à la phase 1 de notre intégration. Cette phase consiste à mettre en place notre communauté et à préinstaller un système d'affiliation.
  • Tous les termes seront explicités par les curateurs et des modérateurs.
  • @hashtag-booster est un membre qui prépare une nouvelle architecture de classification et de référencement des futures articles qui seront sélectionnés et récompensé par les nos curateurs.