Master's Great Magic Bulb


I see the world clearly well, and the world does not see me nor care about me,
I don't care much about that,
But of course, I don't wish to be blurred & unseen.

Black sheep, that's not me... I'm just Black,
I suffer from darkness and dream of a magic bulb...
But, I always forget that I am the magic that will light that bulb.

Enough about me... What about you, dear sir? Are you enjoying what I've been wishing for?
Am I blessed with what you can easily bring?... Please bear with me,
I don't want you to think that I think that life revolves around me...
But, dear sir... Can we be equal? Can I call you by your name instead of my master?

And last but not least, is it impossible for us to cooperate?... You seem to be silent,
You have the right to be silent, and I have the right to question our conditions, whether you like it or not.

Master says in one of his fictitious seminars to his other fellow masters:

"Philosophy is the complexity of life. In fact, it is the cause of the complexity itself. That is why I have a love and hate relationship with philosophy... We don't need no more magic bulbs"

Let me stop here, and go live another night of enduring thoughts, which will never stop with the continuity of life, and its complex philosophy... Oh, look, I found a magic bulb!


See You On The Other Side!