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I can see the title now spreading across prison news.

Fascist gay twat narcs to the police. Is considered a hero for finding new link to capturing the evil menace Dr. P.

Sun, Jun 6th 2021

It was a typical Friday afternoon for typicalTiffany. She was an out of control freak and original and love to put her boyfriend's paste all over her.
He had everything she needs. Control over nothing and copy cat tomcat without a hat. He pasted all his dirty tricks over every online article.

He was very random too, this gave the fascist pigs a run for their money. They love the chase. (Which is why were in here, more on that later at church)

----- Advertisement----

Do you have mold between your toes? Are your fellow inmates starting to pick up the stench in your feet? Did you go in the shower without your sandals? Is the medical staff stealing your medicine and replacing your cream with something less generic and isn't working?

Well don't worry!
We have solutions. Just follow this simple jail trick.
After you shower, just lay a thin covering of your very own fluoride toothpaste over the infected area.

You should then leave it on till it dries then leave it on for additional 30 minutes to really let it work.

Also do not stop using the cream provided by nurse staff. It helps. And every little bit helps. Also Jimmy is eating the cream. Please don't leave it laying around. We all love Jimmy despite his odd tastes. he's mentally ill after the riot we started 7 months ago. Please also stop making fun of the way he walks. he slipped on someone's soap and we are investigating who dropped it. no one has come forward but it's only 10 suspects. Even though we can't get to them because we're locked down because of riots. and also for the plandemic. Thats right. people woke in this bitch. this is why we're here.

Advertisement approved by the Warden and the Mormon church of latter day giants.

----End advert----

what? what you mean? no I...

No I didn't fucking stabb him! The warden was like that already.. no let me go!

mic drops and gets stepped on

----Second advert----

Hello. We are the Mormon church of ladder day giants. We are to present...

"Really another advert!"

"Hey I was listening to that!!"

"rabble rabble rabble rabble"


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