The Spring Tournament is back and the new NFT cards are back for you to win! This is the turn of the DRAGON JUMPER, an interesting legendary dragon card.
Hurry people the age of dragons has arrived, if you haven't loved this card yet, its new animation will make you fall in love 😍


In collaboration with Splinterlands produced in both FOUNDER EDITION and SUPREME EDITION, you can find these beautiful NFT cards inside the Packs that can be won during the Spring Tournaments, held every week for each player rank.

Schermata 2021-05-16 alle 11.10.48.png

This legendary card despite having a high cost manages to be very useful in many matches. It has a lot of life and will be very useful for killing opposing creatures in the rear that negatively affect your cards or heal their tanks.

Schermata 2021-05-16 alle 11.27.05.png

The ability to fly makes it more resistant to attacks and if we level up to 4 level it can even stun the opposing monster making you gain the chance to resist more.

Schermata 2021-05-16 alle 11.14.55.png

I want to remind you how the Spring Tournament works and what the Splinterlands NFT cards are, which you can find inside the packs you will win by participating in the tournament:

All these are NO LOSE Tournament but there is still a prize that the bests players can win, you just need to have the cards required for each tournament slot:

3 NFT PACKS (of 10 NFTs each) For Places 1 thru 10
2 NFT PACKS (of 10 NFTs each) For Places 11 thru 50
1 NFT PACKS (of 10 NFTs each) For Places 51 thru 100
Everyone Will Earn at Least 1 Pack (if you play 80% of your matches)


The Spring Tournament is open to everyone and anyone can participate, there is a tournament for each level of players where you can win the beautiful NFT cards of this season.


The cards that you can find inside the packs are really many and they are divided by rarity, from common to rare then epic and legendary and there are tons of cards you can find, some of them very rare!
Once you have won these beautiful cards you will receive them directly on your WAX account, where you can collect, exchange and sell them.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (1).gif

In addition to these versions of the cards, there is the possibility of finding within the Packs the very rare cards that i wanted to create based on this game, there are two versions of these cards and they differ in the logo, the Founder edition and the Supreme edition.
The rarity value of these cards is for the Founder's Edition, there will only be 10 made out of 10,600 Packs and for the Supreme Edition, there will only be 25 made out of 10,600 Packs.


I'm preparing lots of new CARDS that can only be had by playing the Spring Tournaments, all fully animated and some special editions even with personalized audio!


Only 1 entry per person and no bots will be paid out, want to see how you stack up, then enter and see where you rank and get a free NFTs Pack in the process!

You just have to participate in these official tournaments to get your first Splinterlands NFTs, you might be the lucky ones to receive the special Packs 🔥
Try it yourself to find the very rare NFT cards that are inside the NFT Packs...




I love the way you did this... another great card @statico ... people are really digging your designs too! :)


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Hello Coach




Love the effects on the special cards! Great job!