10 things I hate about HIVE 😈


1. After I update the profile pic on my blog it doesn’t reflect the changes right away!

I’m not sure why hive.blog and peakd.com continue to ignore this inconvenience. Whenever I update my profile pic on other social media sites like Twitter or google it shows me a live preview of what it’s supposed to look like right away before I post so I don’t get left with an embarrassing profile if something goes wrong.

On hive after I update my pic I find myself in a race to open another browser window with a clean cache just to see if the new profile update looks ok. I only use about three internet browsers on my Mac, so any more changes than that and I’m out of luck. This can't be anything but confusing to new or novice users, the last thing we want to do is drive them away literally minutes after their first transaction.

2. All the annoying posts.

It’s like coming to the hodgepodge repeat factory, everyone posting the same old thing over and over, like a bunch of lazy bee repeaters. I don't like seeing a hodgepodge of different languages all crammed together on my feed, it seems like we need to start seperating out the different languages for sure.

Lots of posts are ugly with grainy images, poor quality control, plenty of spelling errors, grammar is so bad on hive I want to puke after about 5 minutes of browsing every time. I’ll literally close my chrome hive window and go back to YouTube after surfing the hive posts because I'm not finding the kind of quick entertainment dopamine hit that i'm accustomed to on other social channels.

It seems like all the posts are crypto-centric, & everybody’s a crypto trading expert. Hiveans seem to have all the answers about every bull and bear market move, and know which way every price is headed, when the important thing they should be focusing on is trying to get their readers from heading out. There is just this general attitude of "more important than thou" that seems to emanate from the hive where everyone is a know it all from their point of view.

3. HIVE is ripe with plagiarism.

If I wanted ChatGPT then I would go to openai instead of HIVE. I’ve never seen a website so overflowing with scammers and con artists than HIVE post chatGPT. Luckily there are ways to combat that, and a few users trying to make a difference, but in general most people are too scared to lose their standing in the pride to do anything about it.

4. The fact that the price of HIVE is so boring and stagnant.

HIVE never tends to go up and stay up, every time it does go up it gets dumped down within 24-48 hours of every pump. If it hasn't gone anywhere in 5 years likely it never will, lately I have begun to think it never will progress like all the other lesser projects that get priced 20 20X more than HIVE!

5. All the hive-engine community websites have hideous frontends because all the images cut off on the landing page.

tribaldex.png Above every tribe is like this, seems hive-engine doesn't really care about design!

Even the main site, tribaldex.blog has this same formatting issue, not to mention the upvote button doesn’t seem to work. Sure it does the upvote, but you can’t see it until after you refresh the page, until then the spinning wheel of death just keeps on spinning. Also I hate the fact that there are two Proofofbrain sites, the original one with the broken subdomain so if you don’t type www.proofofbrain.io you get a 404, and to top it all off the main dev seems missing in action. Then a new proofofbrain site came out, stealing the name and idea from the first one, however they don’t even use the POB coin.

6. There is no search seemingly built into the frontends so I can never find anything I’m looking for.

Let’s say I read a good post with some interesting information and two weeks down the line I decide I need to re-read the post, good luck finding it. After posting anything it seems all posts just get lost in the ether, sure maybe you could find it with google, but don’t get your hopes up. All the information on HIVE is spread out all over the place, and whenever I try to search for a hive article, instead of hive and old steem post will come up.

7. Trying to develop with hive is a nightmare since it still refers to steem in the source code allover.

When looking for a good hive opensource program a reference to an old steem repository usually will show up in google searches.

8. Lack of Videos.

Why is Tic Tok successful, because of the videos. The hive platforms are too cheap to allow us to upload videos on their servers, so that’s a huge issue holding us back from going viral.

Sure there may be a couple of places where you can upload a video on hive, but links to these frontends are seemingly buried in the ether somewhere on hive. We really need all the main blogs, hive.blog and peakd.com to start spending some of that development fund money on cool things that are important like storing potentially viral videos over hbd stabilization efforts.

9. You can earn more money holding your HBD than using HIVE for curation.

I thought this was HIVE, they mine as well rename the site "Sit on HBD Land" lol It seems like all hive is about is HBD these days, no wonder everyone dumped their hive because it’s a better deal to just sit on your HBD twiddling your thumbs and doing nothing.

10. The lack of exchanges.

HIVE isn’t available to trade on cryptocro & many other major fiat enabled gateway exchanges that would make hive more handy to exchange. For some unknown reason it seems that HIVE is totally ignored by 90% of the rest of the world. There is no direct fiat offramp so to trade your hive it feels more like skipping a stone across a pond of crypto exchanges than having a quick and easy way to get your money.

For instance first you need to send it to binance, convert it into another coin and send it back again to cryptocro or whatever exchange you have linked up to your bank account. The more steps it takes, the more chances there are to make a mistake.

So there you have it, 10 things I hate about HIVE. Although I may sound totally negs about HIVE, there are some good qualities too, like making friends... If there weren’t any good things then I probably wouldn’t even bother posting about the bad things. Don't forget the end of the movie that this post is referencing, the girl realized even though there were all these bad things, for some reason she still liked the dude. So that's us, we all love hive and hate hive, but somehow hive can and will make it in the end.

Hopefully I don't make any enemies by writing this post, my hope is that by posting about these 10 things and putting them out there that maybe the wizards behind hive can fix them all so we live happily ever after with our new lambos. So be sure to follow me @soonlambo because I came to hive to one day soon get a lambo, but if hive has all these things broken still, it may end up being a an old pinto instead.

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Good day.

Interesting post. i could make some comments eg. you're not following many people, if you follow those who write well about subjects that interest you, you'll see much better quality posts (check mine perhaps :-)

Before replying i scanned your posts and looked at this one https://ecency.com/hive-167922/@soonlambo/investors-shrug-off-psyberx-demo

i could definitely make some comments re. that post and particularly about some of your interactions in the comments (and about some of the replies from @klye and others), which could potentially be very helpful for you (and others).

However, i'm not sure that you will be open to what i have to say, so will only share if you invite me to, with an open mind, and bearing in mind what is below.

For now, i'll leave you (and others) with this:

Before words get past the lips, the first gatekeeper asks, “Is this true?” That stops a lot of traffic immediately. But if the words get past the first gatekeeper, there is a second who asks, “Is it kind?” And for those words that qualify here too, the last gatekeeper asks: “Is it necessary?”

With these three on guard, most of us would find very little to say. Here I think it is necessary to make exceptions in the interest of good company and let the third gatekeeper look the other way now and then. After all, a certain amount of pleasant conversation is a part of the artistry of living. But the first two gatekeepers should always be on duty.

It is so easy to say something at the expense of another for the purpose of enhancing our own image. But such remarks – irresistible as they may be – serve only to fatten our own egos and agitate others. We should be so fearful of hurting people that even if a clever remark is rushing off our tongue, we can barricade the gate. We should be able to swallow our cleverness rather than hurt someone. Better to say something banal but harmless than to be clever at someone else’s expense.

“A smart person knows what to say. A wise person knows whether or not to say it.”


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lol, fucking coininstant spreading FUD 3 months ago. XD

This isn't ecoinstants alt. it's 100% coinstant's alt.

FUD to lower prices to load up on bags is one of his preferred modus operandi.