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$SOL 78/66 appears to be among the targets. Again, a reaction can be expected from here. For reaction, around 102 may remain as the peak for now unless there is a major change in the markets. I do not recommend entering a short after the 7-day decline. If the reaction is around 78/66, a long with a small balance or a short can be tried if 100/102 comes up.

MATIC, which we looked at as short under $MATIC 1.865, reached 1.60. While you've come this far, 1.527 will probably be contacted. Around 1.527 may produce a reaction of around 10%, but the markets are exactly the two most important news, the first of which is Ukraine-Russia, the second is that I will not extend the "long" side too much before I can finalize the FED's decision a little more.

1,865 -> 1.60 (14%) 🎯👊

We also talk about 1.04 when we see min 2 daily and/or weekly closings below 1.527.

The important price of $LINK 15.00 USD came just below this one-day close, which came as a bear trap.

For closings below 15.00, 11.23 and 7.34 are checked. If there is a candle that will save the day and it can hold above 15 USD, a reaction candle of around 10% may come again.

Normally, we would go to long because RR is very advantageous around here, in support, but I can't see that light yet, but the news flow should be followed carefully. The whole world is pricing the same things right now, so wherever you look, the long side can wait a little longer for me as long as there is no solid response.

$ADA went down to 1.01 again. 1.01 is really critical support. If this figure of around 10 was visited, they saved the day here, almost every time, at the daily closing. I think it will be weak even if it is the same again.

The point I will emphasize is: In the 1-2 day closings below 1.01, it is necessary to look at min 0.81/0.68 max 0.38/0.28.

Analysis targeting 76s was successful on rejection movement from $AVAX downtrend.

92 -> 76 (18%) 🎯👊

76 decision points, critical support is being tested here, as in many coins. If it is broken, there is a high probability that it will go down to the 55s that it has tested before. If there is a reaction to the majors here, it can be priced around 83, then it points to a downward trend again for me, but only if the war news in the markets is positive, things will change.

Of course, until the news comes, the whole market is running at 10% or more.

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