Melted Rocks NFT 3D Art Work & Hive NFT Showroom .



Creating NFT arts on hive blockchain is simply awesome which is better in many aspect from other blockchain like Ethereum .Either we think about NFT minting transaction fees or fast & Reliable ,Hive is growing as most powerful NFT platform where transaction fees are lowest and market listing is not so expensive as 6 swap.hive per edition is required .Hive NFT Showroom takes 10% commission for selling your NFT in the marketplace .
Today i am created some art work which i will list on NFT marketplace on hive blockchain .The art is simply a robot trying to balance its body in the melted rocks area and suddenly fall down .

In the below gif, It illustrate my imagination of arts 👇
Here i have taken some screenshot where i process this artwork stepwise in the software called blender.
simply i choose a plane then subdivide it 100 x .Applied the modifier called displace where i choose the type called distorted noise with contrast 0.45.
I duplicated the object then applied dark materials on both .Scene mode i changed to cycle instead eevee because it provide much better detail to each image and specially in shades . I rendered two different image in between first was simply rendered in cycle mode and the second image i rendered with eevee scene mode where i imported .fbx file of robot which i took it from and later rendered in gif.





This is my final picture of Melted rocks which is quite defined in colour shades and the size of the picture is 1220 width and 686 height.

Hope you all liked this and i appreciate your likes ,comment and reblog .