What Does the World Needs Today: Stack of Brain or Stack of Might


Please take your place or stand before the bus leaves you, you can't stand in-between is either you're in the world to stack your brain or your might. The world today is faced by several mind blowing challenges that could lead to melting down of the entire globe and destroy the entire lives that inhabits the earth. The challenges are ranging from global warming that's caused by human beings in their bid to find a better living conditions, like looking for a better means of transportation. Man left the primitive lifestyle of using horses, carts and donkeys as their major means of transportation when they discovered the steam engines and the building of trains during the industrial revolution. The steam engines helped man's life and later man developed the use of cars that brings out poisonous gas from the exhaust. These poisonous from exhaust pipes of cars are so harmful to both the humans and the further depletion of the ozone layer. Today we have numerous problems associated with man's bid of discovering new ways of doing things to makes him more comfortable in life. The purpose of this post is to ask this question, which of the following could help us solve the unending challenges facing the entire, should we stack our brain or our might. Greetings from @salvadornkpara.

Global Warming, HIV/AIDS and Covid-19 and the Brain Stack Solution
The constant search and research into various areas of providing solutions to world challenges have seen more light. The development of electric cars and other bioenergy is a research targeted towards reducing global warming in our world today. People are constantly advised by the WHO to plant trees rather than cutting trees. Most people from the developing and under-developing nations used the cut trees as fuel to cook for due to their inabilities to afford other sources of fuel other than firewoods. The smoke emitting from exhaust pipes and firewoods are one of the causes of the ozone depletion. Once everyone can afford bio-friendly energies then the world will outlive the global warming challenge. In the area of solving the HIV/AIDS epidemic, although the WHO have not yet found a lasting solution to the epidemic, there are still researches going on daily to find a cure for the disease. The same goes to the covid-19 pandemic.


Insecurity and the Might Stack Solution
One way to fight insecurity is the might stack using the military forces and their armoury. We can hear globally on the achievement of the military in fighting terrorism, banditry and kidnapping. The use of might to some extent is against democratic precedents in democratic states. With the military check points on the highway there's a little safety for the citizens.


The Stack Your Brain or Might Debate
It's not my debate to answer or comment alone. This session will open us to knowing which of the two have helped or will help the world solve it's unending challenges faster and better. Stack your brain represents the use of research, diplomacy and other civil means to attack or fight the challenges, while stack your might means the use of force or military might to stop the world's challenges.
Don't forget in a haste that during the Second World War or World War II, the United States ended the war by using the atomic bomb to end the war by bombing of two Japanese cities: Hiroshima and Nagasaki on the 6th and 9th August, 1945. As at that time the world was already tired of the war that started in 1939. Using the might brought rest to the entire world, but also started the arms race and continuous arms proliferation that has made the world a war zone. Also don't forget that the brain through research has also helped to develop quinine used in fighting against malaria 🦟🦟🦟🦟🦟. Malaria was and is still a deadly disease that kills both adults and most especially children in the tropics. Many have died before the research on the development of quinine. Malaria is not a racist it's kills anybody irrespective of the color of your skin.
The development of researches that helped in technological advancements in areas like aeronautical engineering and space science are the development of stacking the brain through research, even the military weapons and the advancement of nuclear science are still the development of the brain.

Finally, why do nations build arms and ammunition rather than invest in human capital development. Some scholars have said that nations build arms and ammunition to deter aggressors from encroaching into their territory, but today we've seen the use of inter-coninental ballistic missiles targeted towards enemy nations. I'm of the opinion that the world should spend more resources on research and development that'll help combat the unending challenges facing the entire world like the covid-19 pandemic instead of planning against aggressors while her citizens are dieing from poverty, unemployment and inequalities. Both are also important to balance the world.