Tips to Prevent Migraines

Many people around, like me, suffer from acute and chronic migraine headaches which are annoying all the time and unbearable sometimes. Usually in this busy life, people choose to pop pills but there are certain things, if taken care of, migraine attacks can be avoided.

I am a migraine patient since last 9 years and I have seen the worst of life with it being around. Popping pills was the first thing i did and realized over the years that it doesn't really help. there are various different ways of battling this monstrous headache. If you are a migraine sufferer, like me, or know someone near & dear one suffering from migraine attacks frequently, do give this a read, it might help you!

As wikipedia defines Migraine:

Migraine (from the Greek words hemi, meaning half, and kranion, meaning skull) is a chronic neurological disorder characterized by moderate to severe headaches, and nausea.


I when read this definition some years ago, i was petrified to know i am suffering from some "chronic neurological disorder"!!! But in real, migraine is nothing but stress induced headache that sometimes takes severe forms. Though there are other external factors too that cause migraine like environment factors, or certain types of food / fragrance / flavours etc or some other factors too. Typically a migraine headache is unilateral and pulsating in nature which can usually last for as long as 72 hours. Migraine is one thing that can drive any sane person crazy with its level of pain.

Popping Pills

The day one finds out that he/she is suffering from Chronic Migraine, instantly would be suggested to take an endless heap of medicines starting from the ones to be taken on daily basis to the ones to be taken when an attack is going on. I was made to do the same. And so i did too. Only to realize a little later that these medicines do no good.

Though i did realize that to some people, these medicines / pills /pain killers work wonders, but to me (and i am sure many others out there) they are plain useless. Take this and take this straight that no medicine can completely do away with your migraine headache. For some people, popping pills can reduce the intensity but it never really goes away completely, until its decided cycles is done with. Migraine can largely be cured / avoided by a major lifestyle change. More than curing migraine, it is important to know how one can prevent migraine attacks.

Avoid Migraine Attacks

Once you are detected of Migraine, you shall be given a long list of things / food items / situations you should avoid to keep migraine attacks at bay. But in these 9 years i have tried and tested everything i could and now i know for sure what i need to avoid if i want to avoid severe migraine attacks. (not that all of this is possible all the time, but you can for sure try, the way i do!)


One of the most prime reasons for migraine attacks to be triggered is STRESS. You have an emotional imbalance and there you go, with a severe / unbearable migraine attack. Stress of any kind, be it work related or personal life related, be it plain tension --prolonged or be it some kind of emotional turmoil, all of these cause migraine attacks.
Bad day at work? - you will have migraine
Tensed for your tests? - migraine attack
Fight with family / gf/bf/ best friend? - migraine attack
Over-thinking? - you will be down with a migraine attack
Stay away from stress as much as you can...sounds impossible? It did to me as well but there are always ways to avoid or even lessen this stress. You can always indulge in activities that make you better / relieved / relaxed. Things that bring you rejuvenation!


And you thought anger only harms the other person? Sorry, you are mistaken! Anger harms you more than it harms the other person, esp. if you are a migraine patient. Avoid anger to avoid an annoying migraine attack. Anger is one of the most common reasons that trigger a migraine attack. There are various Anger Management courses, Anger Management Games, Anger Management Programs, etc. enroll in them and get rid of your anger or minimize it to the best of your abilities. It is one of the sure shot ways to keep migraine at bay.


Are you a nocturnal or an insomniac to be worst? I used to be one (and still am to some extent) but i soon learnt that if i really want to not have a migraine attack as frequently as it may hurt my mental health, i need to have proper sleep.Try not sleeping for a night and the next day you will know for yourself what i am talking about!


Food pattern is the type of your food intake. As popular remarks, a migraine patient should avoid foods like Cheese, Chocolates, Coffee, Breads, Cold Drinks, Dairy Products, Fermented Products, Food with MSG, so on and so forth. But these are endless and individual specific. Keep a check on what you are eating, esp. when you have an attack. This will help you see what you ate just before your attack and when this repeats, you would know what causes / triggers your migraine attack. For e.g. whenever i eat fermented food or tangy pickles --- i get a stroke. But on the other hand, Coffee is bliss to me, esp during migraine attacks, it makes me feel better.


There are sure shot ways of landing yourself in the messy situation of an annoying and troubling migraine attack. Avoid going out / being out for long hours in the sun, this will for sure invite a migraine attack. Avoid going to places with loud noise e.g pubs, discs, parties with loud music etc. else you are sure to be accompanied with a severe migraine attack. And of course, alcohol is a strong NO-NO for anyone who has a migraine problem. Alcohol is a sure shot way to give migraine a wide and free entry!


If these things are taken care of, you would succeed in keeping migraine attack at bay for sure. I have tried these and i usually follow them to reduce the frequency and intensity of my migraine attacks. It is true that you cannot completely avoid these things but then you can always try and do your best to avoid them, after all health is wealth and certainly:
"Prevention is better than Cure"!!

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