Feel like cub is not appreciated enough

I can remember the first time I found out about CUBdefi and the CUB token, I felt like I found myself a pot of Gold. But when I went on Twitter and telegram channel, I saw people complaining about the price drop. I felt disappointed because it’s obvious that these people are not seeing the brighter future. Yeah, it’s normal to feel disappointed in something you put your money in and it’s devaluing, but I rather that than involve myself with something that is promising great rewards but no future.


If you are looking for something that will give you over night wealth but you are not sure of the developers and the future then you are not investing, you are speculating. CUBdefi doesn’t give you over night, it gives accumulated and passive income. Just look around, you will find lots of defi project that have recked. check out yourself. But look at CUBdefi, have a good return, secured, have great developers and team. How many defi projects expose their teams and have weekly AMAs(Ask Me Anything), they have steady progress in development by always updating and bring out new features to make sure we benefit greatly from the project.

Personally I feel am in great hands and there is nothing more I can ask for except CUBdefi continue bringing great features that can help me earn better, that I won’t reject.

Most people that have lost in other defi scams will greatly value CUBdefi and if any one has lost in other defi scams and is still complaining and hating on CUBdefi then shame on them.

Just in case you are here and you don’t know what Cubdefi is, this is a decentralized finance project that enables you to stake tokens and earn rewards. The APR are greatly impressive and some of your rewards get auto-compounded.

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