The kids are fishing


During the year, the water of our rivers or canal-bills in the country dries up a lot,And when the water is dry, the fishing begins,This afternoon we went around our area a lot from inside the bills and next to the bills showing a field of land some kids were fishing.


And seeing their fishing, I also remember my childhood when I was about the same age as them.Gone are the times when fishing seemed so good and now there is a time when it's great to see fishing.Standing for a long time, I saw their fish they got a lot of fish from this land,



But when the water of the land has dried up, the fish of the land has become mixed with the whites of the land.So the fish were not showing properly, so the children were fishing in the saddle with a good hand.


This land contains all kinds of fish in our country such as kai, magur, horn, and many other varieties of our native fish.And these fish are born naturally.And these indigenous fish are so delicious to eat,

thanks my all steem friend

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