Hive Learners Contest "Short Words of Self-Reflecting Proverbs"


Meet me again on this occasion...

Friends, all of us have entered the 19th week in the third edition, here is the edition that has a very interesting theme for us to discuss together about the proverb. Proverbs are one of the words we have ever heard and words that have a very deep meaning even though the words are very short.

Proverbs have also been around for a long time that have been created by people or by our grandmothers to reflect life with words that have their own meaning. Words that have been passed down from generation to generation are still very often used by the community because of the beautiful words that have been created that have very valuable value for us to reflect this life. Of course, among the proverbial words that have been created among the proverbs, there must be ones that can reflect for ourselves in our lives.

Before I tell you about proverbs that can reflect my life first I want to write a little about proverbs in this day and age, in this day and age proverbs are certainly still familiar, we hear even these words are good. those in the media have been made as aphorisms, and there are also those who consider them as words that can insinuate someone because they have subtle words in their sentences but their meanings are always deep. In every area, of course, there may be proverbs in their own language that are very interesting for us to hear, but their meanings remain as usual which can reflect our lives.

All right friends, I want to tell you about the proverbs that have been able to reflect my life. I've heard from someone about those words that have deep meaning and I think they have reflected my life with the meaning they have in those words, "even if a diamond comes out of a dog's mouth" the diamond gem interpreted in this proverb is advice, even despicable people give us advice if the content of the advice is good we can still use it even though he is a bad person. We must not see it on the one hand, if there is something good from it, we can still take it. I once had a person who always made mistakes in social life and at that time he sat with me and gave me a little advice and when he advised me I immediately objected there and after that when I came home I thought about the advice he gave me is it true, after i find out that i the words he advised me are the right words and i can understand them well.

That's roughly the advice that reflects myself, thank you all for reading my article and hopefully this is useful. Thanks also to the seniors in the community and to the other members who have supported me.

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Yeah... even from the least people we expect, we can still get value. That is why we must never look down on anyone at all. We never can tell what each person has to offer.
Thank you for sharing this with us.