What to do?

Mike gulped down another shot of whiskey as he tried to find a solution to what was bothering him. He had been at the bar for the past hour and after refilling his shot every ten seconds, the bartender had decided to leave the bottle of whiskey with Mike. He knew rich men when he saw them and he knew for a fact that whoever Mike was, he was rich and could afford paying for the bottle of whiskey.

But Mike wasn’t always this rich, as a matter of fact, about a year ago, Mike had been so broke that he couldn’t afford getting three square meal for himself. Grace, a girl who sold groceries down the street and a girl Mike would probably be dating if things had been better for him had been the one bringing him food almost everyday and while Mike tried to make some money by doing some menial jobs, there was little to nothing he was getting from it too until he met Evelyn.

When Evelyn learned that Mike was a graduate with a first class degree, she had been so surprised that he was the way he was. Evelyn worked as the Managing Director in a firm and she had quickly pulled some strings to make sure Mike got employed in her firm. She had even gone far as paying him in advance so that he could get a good place to stay and some good suits for work. It didn’t take long for Mike to climb up the ladder of leadership in the firm too. Aside from being friends with the MD, Mike was very smart and everyone who worked with him testified to that.

All of that was about a year ago and throughout that time, Mike had kept contact with Grace, the lady who fed him when he had nothing. He had opened a minimart for her as a way of saying thank you but Grace had told him that she did all she did for love, the same thing Evelyn had told him when he sent her flowers some days back.

And now he was in some sort of dilemma. Both ladies that meant a huge deal in his life are both in love with him and he doesn’t know what to do or who to go for. Should he go for the lady who was with him when he had nothing or the one who gave him everything?