Wall of Crushes

Photo by Jackson Simmer

Earlier today, I and a friend sat right outside our hostel just chilling and watching people walking when we saw this girl that he (my friend) apparently has a huge crush on but hasn't been able to summon up courage to go talk to her. He was having cold feet and was a hundred percent sure he would freeze up and wouldn't utter a single word if he found himself standing right in front of her. So I watched him call another friend of ours and started to tell him how much he liked that girl and would appreciate it if that friend of ours helped him approach her.

I listened and waited until that friend had left before confronting my friend. I told him that what he just did might as well end up being a big mistake because things might turn around and it won't be in his favour. He asked what I meant, so I told him a story.

I told him a story about high-school, my high-school. It was during my final year in school and I had this male friend of mine who had this huge crush on another girl but was finding it hard to win her over. Unlike my friend here, my high-school friend had actually approached the lady but it seems like he wasn't saying the right words as the lady wasn't giving him the right vibes he needed, so he approached me.

He had asked me to help him win her over and I had accepted the challenge. Now bear in mind that I'm not really a smooth talker when it comes to talking to girls face to face, but back then we had this app called 2go (almost like WhatsApp) and I was good at chatting. So I got her 2go username from my friend and got to work there.

It didn't take long as we both started vibing. The lady was cool but I was cooler and before we knew it, she started sending me text like "Why do I smile whenever I read our previous chats?" and a bunch of other stuff that clearly indicated that she was falling for me.

Now the mission had been to get her to fall for my friend and not me but whenever I brought up my friends interest in her, she would push it aside and somehow change the conversation and make it be about me. When I noticed this, I put an end to the whole chat and told my friend that I lost the challenge. Luckily for him, he flew to Italy to go complete his education and never found out about this.

End of story.

So I turned to my friend and asked him how he would feel if the guy he just sent to go help him talk to the lady ends up dating her because some girls likes guys who are bold and go for what they want and not the ones who chicken out and send others to go help them do their work.

I obviously was making some sense because he agreed with me and said he was going to ask the other guy not to proceed with the task.

"So you will do it yourself?" I asked.

"Huh?..Lets see how it goes". He replied me, knowing fully well he won't do nothing. She will just be added to his Wall of crushes, and there are a lot of them.