Wakey Wakey


The first time I had a sleepover was actually during my first year in school, I had gone over for night class at a friend's. And I know that that isn't a typical sleepover as sleepovers are for fun and according to Google, mostly for kids between the age of 7 to 9 years old (I don't know if that's true).

But hey, don't blame it on me, I never really got the chance to go for sleepovers as a kid because my parents wouldn't allow it and the parents of my friends in which I was going to sleep over wouldn't have allowed it either. So as far as I know it, this was my first official sleepover.

I had gone there to read but the plan had been to read by 12 midnight and then probably fall asleep by 3am, then wake up and get ready for the exam by 7am. It was a well thought out plan and so I and two of my friends went home and got ready for the sleepover then we all met at the house where we would be doing the reading.

When we got there, we immediately all went out to get something to eat and that was where I made my first mistake. It was already late yet I went ahead and bought a heavy food, something nobody should be eating by that time of the night. Well I bought it and I ate it. Then I decided to rest because we still had about an hour before 12 and that was my second mistake.

I asked my friends to wake me up when it was time and then dozed of. The next time I woke, it was 7am. Now according to my friends, they had indeed woken me up by 12am but I was so passed out that everytime they woke me up, I went back to sleep. They said they knew there was no way I would be able to read in that condition so they decided to let me be.

But that wasn't the embarrassing bit. According to them, I entertained them throughout the whole night with my constant sleep talking. They said I just wouldn't shut up and kept on saying all sort of random things. They eventually said they were never going to tell me their secrets because I will end up just telling the whole world about it.

It was embarrassing but also a memorable one because even though I slept through the whole thing, I still somehow made memories that I won't be forgetting in a hurry.


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