Unproductive Day


So today is one of those days where I just feel like punching someone really hard on the face because of how messed up my day was. Nothing I hate more than stressing over one thing throughout the whole day and still not getting it done.

It’s no longer news that Nigeria is among one of the countries which still battles power supply. We hardly get electricity these days and everyone just have to focus on their generators if they have one. Well I happen to be a proud owner of one but trust me, there are days I just wish I don’t.

My phone’s battery was somewhere around 12% today when I decided to go turn on my generator in other to charge my phone. My neighbors too quickly came outside with their phones and charger in hand, ready to follow me to my room to go plug in their phones the moment I turned on the generator. I had no problem with that, it was the norms over here, so I did the necessary connections and then bent down to turn on the generator only for the stupid thing to not turn on.

I tried all I could but it turned out that I needed a professional mechanic to help work on it so I carried it outside with me, got on a commercial bike and went straight to the mechanics shop. After I got there, it didn’t take long for him to fix it, so I got on another bike and brought it back home, ready to turn it on again.

Photo by Mel Elias

I did the necessary connections like I did the previous time, bent down to turn it on and the stupid thing refused to turn on again. It was so frustrating and annoying especially due to the fact that I knew that the mechanic guy already over-charged me for the first repair. Going back to his shop would cost me another money to pay the bikeman but I had no other option, it was beginning to get dark and I really really needed to charge my phone.

When I got to his shop, he was busy attending to someone else’s generator so I had to wait for my turn. It didn’t get to my turn until some few minutes past seven when it was already dark and the mechanic was making use of someone’s phone torch so that he could see what he was doing properly.

The man touched my generator a few times and decided it needed servicing, he said that to me knowing fully well there was no way he would be able to do that tonight because it was dark already and he wanted to go home.

I was so pissed and upset yet there was nothing I could do. The last thing I would want to do is leave my generator at the shop of the mechanic where they could take whatever parts they want from it to work on someone else’s generator without my knowledge, so I stopped another bike-man and took my spoilt generator home.

At the end of the day, I had to go pay some guys to help me charge my phone, so if you ask me how my day went, it was terrible.