Traveling Tips

So for the past couple of days I've been thinking of going back home, for some reason I just can't get it off my mind because it's been a while I saw my family and seeing how I probably won't be seeing them for another year, I've decided it's best I go back home to go spend the rest of the holiday with them, but you see, I have a tiny bit of a problem.

Photo by Luo Lei

Going back home isn't the problem. Like I said in one of my previous post, if I could teleport myself from my hostel to my family house, I would love that, unfortunately I can't. So yeah, my problem is that I hate having to sit in a car for more than sixteen hours just to get home. At first it's enjoyable because I get to just plug in my earpiece and be in my space for a while, but then five hours in and you start to feel bored. So you look for something else to do other than just to play music.

And sometimes, I play games on my phone or see a movie (I always make sure to have as much movies as possible when traveling) but you also get tired of that too because someone like me isn't that much of a movie lover. I think the highest time I can see a movie straight in one sitting is probably thirty minutes, then I just get tired and look for something else to do. Which is the reason why I enjoy seeing a movie with my friends, they motivate me to stay and watch till the end.

Anyways, doing all of that might only take about seven or eight hours, then I'm left with more than eights hours more to do nothing and that is when the whole thing starts to look like torture. I know this might not look like a serious problem to you guys (it probably isn't for me) but I really need a solution to this problem because I love to travel and I know this because of how much I enjoy those first few hours of the journey, but what do I do to enjoy long travels.

If you guys have any tips please share them in the comment section below. And yeah, there's always the flight option because planes are quicker and probably take about an hour or two to get to my destination but it's really expensive booking a flight so that's a no no for me. For now, I just need some traveling tips on how to enjoy long distance travel in a car without ever feeling bored.