The world as we knew it

We all know that the world is changing, the world as we knew it 10-15 years ago is not the same today. There are now a lot of new things and some of the old things that we never thought would change is now beginning to change. Back then we used to have just two genders, the male and the female. But right now, there’s a bunch of them. And let’s not even get started on the gender pronouns.

Look, what I’m trying to say is that the world used to be easy back then compared to what it is now.

Another thing that has seem to change especially over here in Africa is the way we dress. These days it’s almost as if people have decided that clothes are too expensive to buy so they wear less and less clothes as the day go by.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao

I know in the world we are in today, people say things like “wear what makes you feel comfortable” that’s like the slogan or excuse they now use to dress “the way they want”. But the truth is, Africa (especially Nigeria) has always been a place where people frown on things like that.

Truth be told, I feel a lot of this things wouldn’t be happening if the internet wasn’t in existence because the internet gave the African people access to see what the foreigners do and wear in their countries and in a bid to act like people from first-world countries, they imitate this things that they see, forgetting that there’s something called culture over here.

I know that this topic is a controversial one that can trigger a lot of temper from you readers but please remember I’m saying things from an African man perspective, people need to realize that just because people in a more developed country are doing it doesn’t mean that they in third-world countries has to follow suit.

The reason why I’m even talking about this is because I live in a school environment and the kind of dressing I see everyday is just outrageous. No wonder people get divorced everyday, the husband has probably seen something his wife doesn’t have on his way to work and decided he was done with his marriage.


The same thing applies to wedding proposals. Back in the days, no man over here would bend on one kneel to ask a lady to marry him, never. But then the western movies came in and everyone started saying it was romantic and in a bid to please their ladies, the men started doing it. And now there have been reports of ladies refusing to accept their partners wedding proposal simply because their partner refused to bend on one kneel to propose just like the westerners do it.

If you ask me, it’s sick but then that’s what we get for trying to copy everything we see.