The Things We Eat

One day, I and my friend were discussing about how unhealthy some of the things we've eaten are and how it's a miracle we still are very alive and healthy to the best of our knowledge. We started to tell ourselves about stories of when we realized that something we just ate was trash and almost poison.

Photo by Geraldine Lewa

I remember telling him a story about how the most popular eatery at my street then found a huge cockroach in their pot of stew and how they just scooped it away and continued serving to the public that same pot of stew. I wouldn't have known about that story if I didn't overhear a friend of my brother talking about it because he was next in line to be served and he had immediately gotten something else instead. What's crazy is that there is a huge chance I went to that eatery that day and I ate that food with that same stew.

Thinking about all of this sometimes sends shivers down my spine and makes me scared to go for checkups because I feel like whatever it is they will find in there won't be good. I sometimes console myself with the fact that the body heals itself and maybe the white blood cells or whatever is in charge filtering out the remains of cockroaches had done its job and got rid of the whole thing in my system.

The truth is that we can't really say for sure some of the crazy things we've all eaten because we probably have no idea what they are. I'm a hundred percent sure I must have eaten something even worse than that, I just don't know it.

Makes me remember a story one of my high-school teacher had told us in class. She said she had gone to get some fruits from this roadside shop where she met the woman washing her child's butt with water. The child had just finished pooing when my teacher got there and just as she watched the woman wash the child buttocks, the woman immediately got up, and used that same hand to pick the fruits for my teacher before handing it over to her without washing her hands with soap. She ended up throwing away the fruits.

Now, if my teacher had gone there a little bit late, she wouldn't had seen the woman washing her child's buttocks and she would have eaten the fruit without thinking twice.

I feel at the end of the day, what really matters is that we take care of ourselves and try to go for checkups regularly.