The Power in the Tongue

Photo by Yahor Urbanovich

Yesterday, I was having a conversation with a friend online about voodoo and black magic, about if I felt they were real. I told him my thoughts about them about how I do believe these things works and somehow while talking about all that, I had a flashback about something that happened some few years back to a lady living not quite far from where I and my family used to live.

I was at my mom’s shop when we started hearing two people having a very serious arguments in a compound not too far away from my mom’s shop (her shop was directly in front of our house). I had forgotten what the quarrel was about but both parties appeared to be really mad at each other.

The lady was a mother to three little kids and her husband was late while the man was a father to his own kids and husband to his wife.

The quarrel between these two people had gotten so heated up that the lady angrily blurted out “you will die this night” to the man who also return back his own curses. The two continued for some time until they finally got tired and both went into their different houses.

The next day, when we all woke up, one person didn’t wake up with us, the man who was quarreling last night. Immediately everyone started pointing fingers at the lady. They said she was the one who killed him because we had all heard her say that he was going to die last night.

The lady had pleaded and tried to make people understand that she had said what she said out of anger and had not done anything spiritually to the man to kill him, but this is Nigeria, a place where everyone knows black magic is still in play, so no one believed her.

Everyone who heard the story all came to the same conclusion, she killed him.

The lady knew that a case like this will probably end up with her having to drink the water used to bath the man’s corpse or something even worse, so she waited till it was dark that same day and fled with her kids.

No one saw or heard anything from her ever again but then for some reason, that story refused to leave my mind. Did her words really kill him? Is there really power in the tongue or is it just superstition?

These are questions I might never get a satisfying answer to.


Well from my observation, I think there is power in the tongue,,It could be an accidental death, but since she uttered such words, she must be blame for his death,
The tongue can bless and not superstition