The Lady Of The Night


One of my very moments as a kid was when my dad used to come sit with us at my mom’s shop at night because whenever he was there with us, he would always have a story to tell in other to keep us, the kids entertained. And though now that I’m now an adult, I can tell that some of those stories were bullshit but by then I believed them more than anything. One of those stories was the story about the lady of the night, a story my dad had told us, his kids and we had passed it down to our friends.

And no, the lady of the night wasn’t a prostitute or was she?

My dad started the story by telling us about a man, he said there was this commercial motorcyclist who had a weak spot for women. He could sleep with literally anything on skirt. The motorcyclist was retiring for the day when he saw this lady who stood at a bustop waiting for a bikeman. The time was already past seven yet the motorcyclist stopped and agreed to take her to her destination and she entered.

According to my dad, the man drove her around town and whenever he was getting close to where she said her place was, she would tell him that that wasn’t the place and he would have to turn back. They did this until it was nightfall and everywhere was dark and that was when the motorcyclist suggested that she spends the night at his place and then they would try to locate her place the next day, an offer the lady had agreed to.

When they got to his place, the motorcyclist was so happy because he knew what was going to happen that night so he quickly rushed into the bathroom only for him to come out just in time to see the lady change into a coffin and then disappear. The man had screamed out in fear and when his neighbors rushed to his room, he told them what he saw but they all thought he was crazy.

I remember after dad told us that story I became so scared and so were my friends when I told them the story too but thinking about it now and writing it out here just made me realized how dumb that story was. I guess my old man was just trying to scare I and my siblings away from girls and trust me it worked, but only for some time.


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