The Kidnap



Dave had done a lot of bad things that he couldn’t believe he was suddenly growing a conscience overnight. When his new boss had given the order for the kidnap of a lady, Dave had no idea he would later be losing sleep over it. Kidnapping the lady wasn’t what was troubling him, it was what his boss would do to her after her ransom had been paid was what troubled Dave.

When Dave first heard of the syndicate, he thought all they did was sell hard drugs and illegal guns to criminals, so he had worked really hard to get noticed by the syndicate boss Hector, who had later asked Dave to join the syndicate. But becoming a recognized member for the syndicate wasn’t a day’s job, you had to prove yourself and that was what Dave was trying to do. But for some reason, Dave just wasn’t cool with his boss killing his victims after their ransom had been paid.

“Dead dogs don’t bark” Hector would say every time he puts a bullet in his victims head.

Dave knew this same faith would befall the lady they had just kidnapped snd he was troubled about it, so Dave did something he never thought he would. He sneaked into the room where she was being held captive and had cut her loose before putting her in his car and driving off.

They had driven for a while when Dave brought out his phone and handed it over to the lady.

“Call your dad and ask for a location to meet.” Dave said to her, his eyes focused on the road. The lady had thanked him immensely and had done as instructed.

About an hour after the call, Dave got to the location the lady’s dad had given to them but the person he saw made he freeze with shock.

“Your father sold you out” Dave said as he watched Hector’s boys point their gun at them.

The lady smiled. “No he didn’t, Hector’s my father.” The lady said before stepping out of the car, leaving a more confused Dave behind.

Hector shook his head. “Dead dogs don’t bark.”