The Internet


Photo by JJ Ying

Without a doubt we all know how much the internet has made everything easier for everyone. These days we could make life changes by just pressing a button on our phones and we could also ruin ones life the same way. We could order foods online, book an hotel room, pay for a flight and lots more just by pressing our phones and accessing the internet. I’m sure that some few years back, no one would have thought that we would be able to do the things we do with the internet today.

Sometimes I wonder how life back then must have been without the internet or telephones. It must have been a bit stressful and very quiet with a lot of peace of mind though. I said peace of mind because even though there are a lot of good things that comes with the internet, it also has it’s bad side.

The internet has opened our eyes to not just the good things of life but also the bad. A lot of things people do these days are things they wouldn’t even have thought off if the internet wasn’t in existence. But as always, every good thing always has its disadvantages and just because some people decides to use a good creation for bad doesn’t mean the creation itself is bad.

You guys might be wondering why I’m talking about the internet today, well it was a question asked at the Hive Learners discord community about physical or digital world, which we prefer.

The truth is, in as much as the internet has evolved and keeps on evolving, I don’t really foresee it being better than seeing things for ourselves. Watching a video of a beach of a private island on your phone and being on that beach physically can never be the same thing. Video calls may be cool but having to spend time with your friends and family physically is an entirely different experience. So yeah, the internet is cool and all, but I will always pick seeing things and people physically than over the internet.

I don’t see anything beating that, not anytime soon.