The Getaway Trip


Emily kept on pressing hard on the trigger until she heard the clicking sound coming from the gun's hammer, indicating the gun was now empty. The man whom she had emptied the entire eight rounds of bullet on was now laying motionless on the ground in front of her. She knew there was no way he would survive that. So she opened the door and ran like hell. Nothing was going to make her stop unless it was a cop in a uniform.

It took Emily thirty minutes of nonstop running to finally see a cop who took her to the police station. Few weeks ago, if someone told her she could run for five minutes straight without taking a break, she would laugh so hard that she might end up hurting her ribs. But after the event she just passed through, she could run a whole marathon without breaking a sweat if it meant saving her life.

Detective Lance gently pushed the door open. He had a cop of coffee with him as he gently walked towards Emily who was covered a towel and handed her the coffee.

“You're good Mrs Gilbert?”

Emily nodded as she gently took the coffee from him. Words couldn't explain how happy she was to finally get out of that house. The past three days had been a nightmare for her, a nightmare she would never forget.


Mr and Mrs Gilbert had both planned to spend the weekend on one of their vacation homes at the far end of the country. But Mr Gilbert had called last minute and asked Emily if she could make the trip without him. Something had come up at the office and he would need to stay back for another three days.

Emily had agreed. Three days to herself didn't seem like a bad idea. She had arrived late in the evening and had taken a shower before preparing herself something to eat. The house was empty, there was no domestic staff or anybody. That was the way she and her husband wanted it, so when Emily heard footsteps that night at the front door, she knew something wasn't right.

She tried calling the police but the lines were cut off, then the lights went out and that was just the beginning of her nightmares. There was an intruder in the house and no one was around to help her.

The next three days was hell on earth. The intruder made sure she suffered. He had been paid to kill her but slowly. And the man knew how to do his job. He had used heated knife to pierce her skin, beaten her and had done other sort of things to her while she was tied to a chair. But somehow Emily had manage to get loosed and took his gun where he had left it before sending him to the afterlife. She had also managed to find a video clip where she saw the intruder meeting up with his employer. His employer was no other person but her husband, Mr Gilbert.

“Mrs Gilbert.. Hello Mrs Gilbert.” Detective Lance called out, snapping his finger in front of her face.

“Someone is here to take you home Mrs Gilbert.”


“Your husband, Mr Gilbert..”


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