The Anointing

Nigeria, the country which houses one of the world’s biggest churches and yet still never fails to make the top ten pornhub list of the most active users in the world, a huge irony I tell you.


You see, Nigerians are one of the people I know take religion very seriously and I find nothing wrong with that but one thing that baffles me whenever I’m in church is when someone falling under anointing like most Nigerians would call it.

Falling under anointing is the act of staggering (and sometimes falling and rolling on the floor) as if one is drunk due to the fact that the Holy Spirit has come upon them, it’s literally being possessed by the spirit of God.

Though I’ve never fallen under anointing before, I do believe that maybe some part of it is real, maybe one could really lose control of their body for some period of time due to some higher power possessing them but one other thing I know for sure is that most of this anointing are fake.

You see there is this lady in my church who never fails to fall under anointing every Sunday. It’s like a routine for her. Whenever the man of God starts praying or the choir start singing, she will start shaking like someone who’s about having some serious convulsion and before we know it, she’s staggering from one place to another. On a good day, she would fall to the floor and roll all over the place but sometimes it gets more dramatic and instead of falling to the floor, she tries her best to stay on her feet while falling from one chair to another, breaking some of the plastic chairs in the process.

It has gotten to a stage where the man of God gets ready for her, the moment he notices that her legs is starting to get wobbly, he would immediately order some of the youth to go hold her in other to avoid her from breaking anything, he’s probably thinking “The holy Spirit won’t pay for the chairs”

It’s people like her that makes me want to question if truly people do fall under anointing or majority of them are just faking it. Do they really feel a greater force come upon them that’s makes them move as if they’re drunk, or they really are just auditioning for a Hollywood role.

Which ever one it is, I do hope I get to fall under anointing some day to experience it first hand.


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