The Annulment


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As Mitch sat down at the court room, he couldn't help but let the tears in his eyes flow freely. He couldn't believe he was finally going to lose the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to him in the last six years due to his foolishness.

If only he had known, he would had done things differently but it was a little bit too late now, Tracy had filed for a divorce, his beautiful wife had decided that she had had enough of them abuses and assault she had been receiving from him.

Six months ago, he had wanted a divorce more than anything. As a matter of fact, Tracy had been the one pleading, asking him to give their love a second chance but now, six months later, he wish he could plead with her to their love another chance but he knew that was an impossible request.

Mitch remembered their marriage had always been a loving and romantic one, well until one day when he had gone out to go have a drink with the boys. They stayed at the bar till about ten pm when Mitch announced that he had to be on his way home.

“Don't want the wife getting mad at me for staying out late.” He had joked but none of his friends laughed.

Dave, one if Mitch friend had asked him to sit down for a quick chat.

“The boys and I have been meaning to tell you something Mitch. You see, you can't be the man of the house if you don't take charge.”

Mitch was confused. “Take charge?”

“Yeah. Look around Mitch, you're the only one rushing home just to please your wife and that's because you're not on top of your game.”

Dave had said a lot of things to Mitch that night, things he shouldn't have listened to, things that he found out were all lies.

When Mitch received the divorce letter from Tracy's lawyer, he had gone over to Dave's house unannounced with a bottle of wine to celebrate.

"The bitch was finally leaving" he thought.

But what Mitch saw broke his heart. Dave, the self acclaimed man of the house was the opposite of that. He couldn't even place his feet on the center table because that irritated his wife. Everything Dave and the boys had told him had being a lie. He had listened to them and now his beautiful wife was leaving him.

Mitch wiped the tears on his face and sat upright, this wasn't a moment to shed tears, he had lost the one thing that meant the world to him and it was all his fault.


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