Thank God for Life


Tobi watched as the doctor attended to his friend Williams. He wondered how things escalated so quickly and how they landed at the hospital with Williams almost kicking the bucket few hours after finishing his final exams. What was even worse was that the guy who had done this to his friends wasn’t at the hospital with them, they had assisted in bringing him to the hospital but had all left after the doctor confirmed Williams was going to be okay.

“What would he have told Williams parents if Williams had died after taking that blow to his chest” Tobi wondered as he couldn’t help but recall what happened some few hours ago.

Tobi and Williams had both finished their final exams and were on their way home when their friends approached them and asked to sign on the plain white T-shirt they both had on. It was sort of a tradition to put on a white top when coming for your final exams, that way it allows people to sign their names on it as a form of saying goodbye and it also tells people that you’re now a graduate and usually in this part of the school, becoming a graduate was mostly celebrated by pouring a lot of water on that person.

It was a weird thing to do but it was fun until people started doing all sort of bad things with it. Instead of the usual clean water they use, some now get dirty water and pour it on the graduate. Unfortunately for Williams, the water-hoodlums were around and instead of doing things the right way, they decided to go mad with the whole thing and they started throwing waters in sachets at Williams and Tobi. One of the sachet waters had hit Williams so hard at his chest that he had immediately slumped.

When everyone noticed he was no longer moving, they tried pouring more water on his face because they thought he was probably faking it but after trying that and getting no response, they immediately rushed him to the hospital. Tobi still had his wet clothes on as the doctor turned around and looked at him.

“You guys were lucky to have brought him in on time” was all the doctor said before walking away, leaving Tobi and his friend thanking God for life.