One of the few things I do when I’m home alone is to pick up my phone and go online like Instagram, Twitter or Tiktok to see some videos. That way, I don’t go out to a place I’m not suppose to and probably get into trouble.

I literally could spend half the day online watching multiple random videos. Sometimes the only thing that makes me stop is because of the amount of data those apps consume. That is the downside to watching videos online but the upside to it is that sometimes I come across some really interesting and educational videos that will eventually come in handy some time later in the future.

Well today while I was in school, I opened my tiktok app while waiting for a lecturer who was suppose to come give us a test. I was scrolling through Tiktok when I stumbled upon a Tiktok account that only posts about military men and women coming home to surprise their family (the name of the account is soldiercominghome89).

The reaction every of that video has almost brought me to tears. Every of the video was an emotional one and it made me realize how much we have to value the people in our lives today, the people we see everyday. Because a time may come when we may get separated either because of our jobs or one thing or another and then that is when we would realize how much we should have valued that person’s presence when they were around.

Like I said, I almost cried but I held back the tears because I’m a very strong man. But then, whatever tears I held back came rushing down the moment the lecturer entered and I saw the test questions. It became obvious to me that this people enjoy seeing us, their student fail and suffer.

The strong man in me quickly became a little child as I tried to write down whatever thing this little brain of mine could remember.

At the end of the day I learnt two things. Always value the presence of your family and friends and always come prepared for a circuit theory test or else you will end up leaving in tears.

Photo by Kat J