Solo Journey


I’ve often talked about how when I was a kid, I was scared to talk to people and do some certain things on my own that involved asking people for help one way or another. I’ve also talked about how I tried to overcome each and every one of those fears on my own (with some motivations from my dad)

Photo by Ash Gerlach

Well, I thought I had overcome all of them but they seem to be one last fear that I still haven’t found a way to get over yet and that fear comes whenever I go on a solo journey to a place I’ve never been to before. I get scared and it’s all because of one thing, I hate asking people for directions.

I hate it.

Whenever I’m to go to anywhere new, I always try to take a friend along with me even if he doesn’t know the place himself. I’ve come to realize that I feel more confident to talk to strangers when I’m with my friends or family than when I’m alone.

But you see, just like every fear that I’ve conquered in the past, I’m also trying to defeat this one myself. That was why when my aunt sent me a text yesterday, directing me to where the empowerment program would be held, I had decided to go alone even when every muscle in my body was pleading with me to take one of my friends along with me.

My decision to go alone had made the one hour journey a boring one for me because I wasn’t relaxed throughout the entire journey as I had to remind the driver of where I was going to every five minutes because I was scared of getting lost.

You guys might be wondering why the fear though and I have three reasons for that. The first is that I literally can do anything but walk up to strangers and ask questions, I can do it but I just don’t like it. The second reason is that the commercial drivers tend to charge you more (scam you) when they realize you don’t know where you’re going to and the third reason is that I hate how I feel when I ask for directions to a place so popular that even a kid should know and the reason why that happens to me is because I don’t leave my house.

Countless times my friends have tried to get me to go out with them but I keep coming up with one excuse or the other. I guess the only way I can truly overcome this fear without facing it is going out with my friends to places I’ve never been to before or just facing this fear and dealing with it once and for all.

Any path I choose, do wish me luck.