She’s Pregnant

Photo by Amr Taha

Tonight is one of those nights where I choose to spend some good amount of it on Twitter. I do that when I’m feeling a bit bored and have no movies to see on my phone. I had just finished seeing the British series “Top Boy” and can’t wait for Netflix to produce it’s season finale. After that, I had gone on WhatsApp to chat with a potential girlfriend but she seem to be taking too long to reply so I opened Twitter.

The plan had been to take an innocent stroll on Twitter but somehow I found myself reading a thread about guys impregnating girls, I guess my stroll wasn’t so innocent after all. The guy who started the thread talked about how a girl claimed to be pregnant for him some few years back and he had asked her to give birth to the child only for her to claim that she was no longer pregnant.

According to him, her plan must had been to collect as much money as she could from him with her fake pregnancy and then lie later that she had lost the baby, it was going to be some sort of pregnancy scam unfortunately for her, the baby daddy wasn’t scared to become a daddy.

The dude who wrote the thread asked for other guys to write about their own experience and that was when I read one that caught my attention. It was almost the same thing as that of the first dude only in this case, the guy was a young student who was scared of what people will say about him impregnating a girl so he took her to another hospital to do another pregnancy test after the first pregnancy test the lady claimed she had done.

The test came out negative but of course she said that that test was fake and her’s was real but the dude wasn’t having it. An argument ensued and when she saw that she was going to be caught in her lie, she rushed into her friends room and before the dude could chase after her, she came out with some blood substance dripping drop her legs. She claimed it was his fault that their argument had caused her a miscarriage.

The dude apologized and started to feel bad about the whole thing only for a friend of hers to tell him later in the future that the whole thing had been a lie. What was more shocking to him was that a male friend of his who also was a friend to his girlfriend knew about the whole plot and yet didn’t say nothing to him.

By the time I was done reading that thread, I noticed I had one unread message from the potential girlfriend I talked about. There was no way I was going to reply that, not after what I just read.

That was a sign.


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