Self Control


Photo by Bekir Dönmez

Some days ago, sometime around 11pm, we heard some commotion outside our hostel that made all of us run outside to know what was going. It turned out it was a couple (boyfriend and girlfriend) fighting outside. The lady was throwing punches at the guy, while the guy was trying his possible best not to get hit, he wasn't returning back fire though.

I tried asking the people around what had caused the fight but no one seemed to know for sure, they were all just focused on the entertaining drama the couple was giving for free that night. I ended up going back to my room because I've never been the guy who stay in an area where people are fighting, even if it's two ladies. It never safe for anyone, so the best thing I always do is to stay as far away from them as possible.

I was in my room when the conversation about hitting a lady came up. I was hearing them properly as some of the ladies there said that there are some behaviors that their fellow ladies display that deserves them getting beaten up. And why some of the ladies disagreed, a large number of them there agreed. Someone even said that it wasn't fair that the lady downstairs was throwing punches at her man and the dude was doing nothing, she said if the dude gave her just one punch, she would calm down and remember that the person she's messing with isn't someone she should be messing with.

The whole conversation was funny to me and just made me remember one time where I was dating this girl who apparently likes it when her boyfriend hits her. She had told me this before we started dating and I had thought she was joking and had even laughed about it but then we started dating and she began doing things on purpose that she knew would get me upset because she wanted me to hit her.

Everytime she did something like that, I always walked away not because I'm a gentleman, believe me I'm not. If a lady does something extremely hurtful to me (let's say she harms a member of my family), I will beat the living daylight out of her. But because I knew she was doing that on purpose to get me to hit her, I always walked away. I ended up ending the relationship and we both went our separate ways.

The reason why I'm saying all of this is because I have a question for y'all. Guys, is there something a lady can do to you that will make you hit her or you will resist no matter what (even if she kills your favorite pet or does something extremely hurtful to you) and girls, would you advise your brother to hit his girlfriend if she does something extremely hurtful to him or will you advise him to walk away and do nothing because she's a lady?