Ready? Action!


The topic of this post is me imitating a movie director.

Photo by Pinho

A question was asked today, if we think violence in the media is the reason there is increase in violence all over the world and though I might not have a direct answer to that question, I do feel the kind of movies we watch has a role to play one way or another.

The truth is that the obsession of this movie makers to make the movie seem so real and believable might not always be a good thing. For example, let’s take a movie where some robbers might want to rob a country’s National reserve and then this movie makers get permission to get a little tour of the real National reserve and after taking notes of their security systems, they go and write a movie based on it.

Though some of the methods they use in these movies are fictional and the security system isn’t exactly the same as the one in real life, some idiot wouldn’t know that and would arm themselves and try to go rob the place. They probably wouldn’t have done that if they hadn’t seen it in movies.

Another example is little kids begging their parents to get them toy guns and things like that because they had seen it in the movies. Sometimes the parent ends up getting them the toy and when someone says “isn’t he too young to be playing with toy guns” the parents would reply that “maybe he will end up growing up to become a cop or an agent” but what they also don’t know is that that kid could also grow up being fascinated with guns and then end up being a criminal. Their child most likely wouldn’t have known about guns if he hadn’t seen it in movies and other places.

The third and last example that I will be giving as to why I believe the media plays a role on violence that happens around was an incident that happened over here in Nigeria. Some group of young kids had killed a female friend of theirs and cut off her because they wanted to use her for money ritual. The video went viral and religious leaders started posting videos, telling people that there’s nothing like money ritual and people should stop killing people and then an argument came up and everyone started blaming the Nigerian entertainment industry, especially the movie and comedy sector.

They said that the comedians and movie makers make movies and skits where they show people doing human ritual and then they become very wealthy the next day. People claim that it is those things that people see and believe and end up wanting to do it in real life because they too want to get rich overnight and I agree with them.

I feel that if there’s a way that these media’s can be censored and prevent videos like that from airing then maybe there might be a little bit of change for the next generation because it’s already too late for this generation.