Philotes the goddess



It’s been exactly two week since I became friends with my new next door neighbor and it has been beautiful. I happen to be someone who is big on making new friends but also bad on how to do it. I love being around people who help create beautiful memories for me but unfortunately for you to be friends with people, you have to speak to them first.

My new friend moved in around three/two months ago and every time I see her walked out of her room to go to lectures or to go get something downstairs, I always get this urge to want to talk to her. Maybe a hi or something but each time she gets close to me, my lips always find a way to fail me irrespective of the amount of preparation I had put in place.

Funny thing is that my friends find it hard to believe when I tell them that I find it really hard to start a new friendship myself because they all see me as the ever-welcoming fellow who isn’t shy of anything, the least being to talk to someone. Unfortunately, everyone has their krytonite and starting a conversation with a total stranger with hopes that we end up becoming friends happens to be one of my weakness.

But somehow, Philotes (the goddess of friendship) must have looked down and felt pity for me and decided it was time to place me out of my misery because it been two weeks since I became friends with my neighbor and I honestly can’t remember how it all started. She obviously must have started the conversation because I know that never would I have done that.

Well good news is we’re friends now and I think she’s cool. I hope we become best of friends and get to make ourselves laugh and create good memories.