I live in a hostel outside of the school and it’s that time of the year, that time of the year that the landlords and caretakers loves so much and we the tenants hate a lot, it’s that time of the year where we’re asked to pay our rent and unlike some countries where you pay monthly, we pay yearly. That means that you just have to gather the whole thing and pay up.

But unlike the last few years that I’ve been here, our caretaker had done something different. She had insisted that most of her old tenants move out of her house for no reason. She just woke up early one morning and made the announcement. And seeing how I was also one of the old tenants, I had been a little bit scared if I was among those getting evicted from the house because it was a little bit late for me to start looking for a new accommodation, luckily for me I wasn’t.

There was this two neighbors of mine who lived together as roommates, the caretaker had asked one of them to leave and had asked the other to stay. This was very shocking to everyone because usually, it’s either the two occupants of the room left the room entirely or they both stayed back and I didn’t know why she did that, none of us did until last night.

The caretaker must have been in a good mood that night because she came to my room looking for her friend (who was also my friend and had come to visit me in my room at that time). They both had sat on my bed and was just chatting and that was when the conversation about why she chose to chase away one roommate and leave the other came up and when I heard the caretakers response, I just couldn’t help but flashback to a post I made about a week ago, the “People are watching” post.

According to the caretaker, she has been watching both girls and she noticed that the kind of people the girl she chased away follow are those that would most likely end up bringing problem for her and her hostel and she didn’t want none of that. According to her, she (the caretaker) was only thinking about the safety of her hostel and her tenants and she had also mentioned that the only reason why I wasn’t among those evicted was because she knows I’m not the kind of person who would cause trouble, she had been watching all of us.

I did feel bad for the evicted lady because she was being punished not for what she did, but for what she might do in the future.