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The world we know today is full of challenges and secret battles that we something choose not to speak of. Some of us try not to get tempted into doing some certain evil things after seeing our peers do those things and become successful.

I'm sure our fathers never really went through this form of mental stress because during their days when they were at our age, some of them were at various farms trying to help their parents harvest crops.

But then one thing I always tell myself and my friends is that you only feel envious of someone if you allow yourself to. I can't imagine myself being jealous of someone that I know gets his money illegally through fraud or some other bad way.

I remember how earlier today, a friend was telling me about a family friend of his who his parents were now taking from one hospital to another due to the fact that he could no longer straighten his neck.

Now we have no idea what happened to him, but according to my friend narrating the story to me, his mom had been the one who called and told him about the boy with the neck problem. They are all suspecting that the dude must have done something diabolical in his quest for money, something that was now backfiring at him now.

Now if you're a none Nigerian and you don't believe in these things, then it's fine but for some people over here who have seen and heard some crazy things, spiritual things like this are hundred percent real to them.

Earlier this year, the boy with the neck problem had somehow come in contact with a huge sum of money that no one knew where it came from. The boy had no job so it didn't take long for everyone to know where he had gotten the money from, fraud. But then due to his current sickness, people now suspect he went a little bit further than just being a fraudster, he did some spiritual diabolical stuff in other for him to get rich quick.

My friend's mother had told him all of this before pleading with him to live a straight forward life and to not be in a hurry to make money, something the youths of this days now seem to be really obsessed with.

I get the urge to want to be rich and all that but what I don't understand is the lack of patience, why are they all in a hurry?


And that is why I everyday thank myself for not craving for persistent luxury.
The desire for short cut luxury and quick earn seems so futile yet some people would cross the line only to aton and regret.
I wander why are superior species like humans is becoming shameless, aggressive stupid everyday.