Papa Benji


All the kids gathered round papa Benji. It was that time of the night again where he gets to tell them stories people their bed time and he could they were so excited to hear about today's story. He waited until they all settled down before he began his story.

It's has been two years since Ikenna went missing. His family and friends searched everywhere for him all to no avail. The clothes he had been washing before he disappeared was still piled up somewhere, his family had left it as a reminder of their lost son who they knew nothing of what happened to him.

But on one Thursday morning, Ikenna walked into his compound looking tattered and malnourished. His sister was the first person to see him walk in and she had screamed out in fear thinking he was a mad man. His mother had been the first person to approach him and hugged him.

The next few hours was nothing but tears of joy. Ikenna was crying, his mother was crying, everyone was crying. None of them had thought that a day like this would ever come, a day when a lost son would get to return to his family. Everyone wanted to know what happened but they had felt he needed to eat and rest first, a suggestion Ikenna had refused. He wanted to tell them what happened immediately and they had finally allowed him have his way.

"Mama I was at home washing my clothes when John my friend came into the compound and asked me to escort to a place. He said he wanted to visit someone and didn't want to go alone. When we got to the place, John had asked me wait for him while he went to look for the person, that was the last time I saw or heard from John."

"Some heavily armed men had come out of nowhere and they had forced me to drink a concoction which made me unconscious immediately. The next time I opened my eyes, I was in a completely different state. I had later found out that John had sold me to those men. I was taken to a place where people were being killed and their body parts sold but I had managed to escape. When they found out I had escaped, they came after me but I managed to hide from them. I didn't know where I was and nobody was willing to help me because of the way I looked."

"It had taken the special grace of God for a truck driver who was heading towards this way to stop and offer to give me a ride mama. Mama, John was the one who sold me out." Ikenna finished his story before going into the house to rest. He knew John would try to escape the moment he hears of his return and that was why he had insisted on telling his story first, John was going to be caught and punished and no one would be able to save him." Papa Benji finished his story before asking the kids to go to bed as some of them were already sleeping, he was going to tell them a new story tomorrow.