Outside this four walls

Photo by Anastase Maragos

Some people are so shortsighted that when they act, they act only based on what's happening to them, they act on the Now. They don't think about tomorrow or what could happen at the next minute, all of their focus is just on that exact time and so they sometimes just act foolishly.

Maybe they might be in a position where they can help you and you need their help but they decide to be rude to you because at that moment, at that time, they happen to be at a place of power higher than you.

There's this lady at the school who's always rude at everyone. A young lady who's probably in her early twenties or mid twenties. She would insult anyone who said anything to her. Even if you greet her, she would say something extremely rude to you. She kinda works at the computer department of the school so if you wanted to upload some files to your student portal online, you kinda had to pass through her.

One day I sat beside her (she was helping me upload some of my files) and I just watched the way she treated me and everyone else who came into that place and one thought that came to my mind was "What will she do if someone decides to wait for her outside the school gate?"

I'm sure she never really thought about it but with how rude she is, some guy could get fed up and just wait for her somewhere to beat the living daylight out of her and no one would come to her rescue because everyone knows her to be a rude bitch who has respect for no one. They all will stand and watch as she gets beaten probably till she loses consciousness.

Now this might look like me exaggerating the whole thing but a couple of days ago, there was news everywhere that one of my lecturers was kidnapped and this isn't even the first time we heard something like this is happening. We've heard news of students getting angry and just doing something extremely bad to the lecturers and this things mainly happen to lecturers who decides to be act inhumane to this students, forgetting that there's life outside the four walls of this school.

I'm not saying people should live their lives with fear of what could happen to them the next minute, I'm just saying that sometimes, we're the ones who forces this people to do some terrible things to us because of how terribly we treated them in the past.

The lady who works at the computer department might not know this, but she might just be one trash talk away from getting beaten. Why can't we all just be kind and probably make the world a better place.. It can't be that hard, can it?