Our Mind

Photo by Giorgio Trovato

Often times we've wished that we had some sort of cool superpowers that gave us the ability to do some really cool stuff, what what we don't really know is that we already have our superpowers.

But unlike the cool flying or mind reading powers we see in the movies, our super power is our mind. The ability to be able to predict something happening in the future, our mind can do that, we just don't think about it deep enough to realize that this is actually a superpower or maybe because its not a unique thing that we alone can do. Because everyone's mentality is that if everyone can do it, then there's nothing special about it. But what we fail to realize is that we all don't think the same way, that different thoughts and way of reasoning is what makes all of our minds different and unique in its own way.

I was getting ready to write my exam today when I overheard a conversation of one of the student telling someone else about how he can't go into the exam hall without his phone. He said he will go into the hall with his phones irrespective of the amount of supervisors in that hall because he knows that any day he decides to sit for an exam without his phone, he would fail that exam because he won't be able to write anything.

I overheard their conversation and told myself that I needed to try taking my phone into the hall for this particular exam. Failing the exam wasn't an option as it was a course with a lot of credit unit, one that would drastically bring down my CGPA if I scored low on the exam.

But just as the exam was about to commence, I had this feeling to go drop my phone and just write what I've read, it was almost as if my mind was telling me that something bad would happen if kept my phone with me, so I stood up and went to drop it in my bag.

About twenty minutes after the commencement of the exam, I, along with some other guys were asked to stop writing and stand up. The supervisor came to our seats and started searching us. He had the suspicion that we were doing malpractice probably because of how focused I was writing the exam (the exact same thing I had read was what came out in the exam so I was trying to write it all out so as not to forget it).

As the man frisked us, all that was going through my mind was that "what if I had kept my phone with me, what would have happened?"

I probably would have failed the course because my school has a strict rule for no phones in the examination hall.

So you see, my mind indirectly gave me that feeling that something bad could happen and luckily for me, I had listened.