Not Real


Beautiful Photo by Matze Bob that isn’t related to the post below

Many times I’ve heard people say a lot of things that just doesn’t make common sense, sometimes I wonder how they even believed such things in the first place but then as time goes on and you keep on hearing this things, even you too will gradually start to believe. Of course I’m talking about no other thing but superstitious beliefs. To me, I feel this things aren’t true but then at the back of my mind, I always have some sort of caution whenever I’m doing those things that people believe might bring bad omen to me. Sometimes I even avoid doing it entirely, not because I believe what they say but because I’m just trying to be careful.

I remember one morning when I had gone to return something that I had bought from this woman’s shop the previous night. Apparently, I was the first person to come to her shop that morning and she refused to change what I had wanted to return. She had asked me to go and come back some time later, maybe in the afternoon after she must have sold some of her stuff. This was because there’s this belief that if you start your day by refunding people what they bought the previous day, you will end up refunding people until the day is over.

The same thing goes when it comes to buying on credit. I remember the women would chase away anyone who wasn’t with cash saying that “she just opened her shop and she didn’t want to begin her day selling on credit because then everyone who would come to her shop that day will only buy things on credit”. It was a strange superstitious belief but it seemed to work for them and that was probably why they believed it.

Another one of those strange belief was the one that had to do with keeping things with your left hand. People over here believe that if you keep anything (maybe your phone) with your left hand, you will end up looking for it for a very long time before finding it.

This particular one I believed for sometime because I felt it had happened to me before in the past but now that I think of it, I’m not so sure it’s true. I feel that if you place anything somewhere without paying attention, regardless of the hand you used (be it right or left) you will end up searching for it and it definitely would take you some time to find it, depending on where you misplaced it.

So yeah, those are two superstitious belief that I strongly doubt are true but if you guys have different opinions from mine, please let me know below.