New Year Resolution?



Yesterday, a lot of people took to their favorite social media platform to tell us all about their new year resolutions and as if that wasn’t enough, they decided that for some reasons best known to them, we also needed to know the people they were cutting off in 2022. I’m not saying that I’m surprised because that has become the norm every new year eve in this part of the world, people cutting people off on social media.

But coming back to new year resolution, I had initial told myself that I won’t be making any this year, I won’t be setting any specific goals because I don’t want to feel pressured or like a failure if by the end of the year I end up not achieving all of those goals. But coming on hive this morning and reading a couple of posts has sort of kinda made me change my mind a bit about the new year resolution thing.

And though I initially said I won’t be doing any of that this year, I have decided to have a new year resolution for hive. Last year on hive was amazing and I want this year to be even better. Last year, I made a whole lots of friend on here than I’ve ever made on any other social media platform and if you guys know me very well, you all would know I’m big on making friends.

Anyways, since New Years resolution is mostly about self improvement, I’ve decided to be more open on hive. And to show you guys how serious I am about that, I decided to do a little change on my hive avatar by using my real picture, I also will be using my real picture on this post. I feel if I want to connect more with people on here, then Me Anonymous has to go even though I feel I already told you guys everything about my life lol, the one thing left has always being a face to add to the name Prayzz and here you have it.

I will make sure to post my face more often and hopefully it will make people feel more comfortable communicating with me here on hive.

Lastly, I really don’t want to turn this into an appreciation post because I will end up writing for ages so I’m just going to thank the one community that has always been there for me and that has really helped me here on hive, thank you so much @bdcommunity. I also would have loved to mention some names of people that have impacted so much on my journey here and also some names of the amazing friends I made here but I think that would better be left for another day.

Thank you everyone and welcome to 2022.