League of Cheaters


"Why do men cheat?"

That question has been asked a million times yet no one has been able to come up with a suitable answer for it. A friend had said that men are polygamous in nature. "It's in their gene" she said.


Tayo was in the store shopping for the latest designers bag for his wife. He had messed up again and needed to make up for it. Tayo had been caught cheating on his wife but the crazy thing was that he wasn't buying the bag because he cheated, he was because he was caught. And though he knew getting his beautiful wife some designers bag wouldn't cut it, it was a start.

Of course she would not talk to him for some days or probably a week. She might also refuse to cook but all of that was okay as long as she forgives him at the end, then he will wait for another week before going back to his mistress, the perfect plan.

But while Tayo was still deciding on the bag to get, the most unexpected thing happened. He heard some commotions up ahead and decided to know what was going on. He would quietly sneak out of the store if it turns out that they were getting robbed.

When Tayo got to the front desk were a small amount of people were gathered, that was when he realized what was going on. A lady had paid for the things she bought with a card given to her by her boyfriend, only for the owner of the store to realize it was her own card.

According to the owner of the store, her husband had earlier complained of being broke that morning and she had given him his card to get whatever he needed for the day, only for her to realize that he had given the card to his mistress to go on a shopping spree.

Tayo stole a glance at the things the lady was going to pay for with the card and shook his head. He was sure the lady's intention had been to empty the card.

"And here I was, thinking I was the baddest of them all not knowing there's someone somewhere else who has taken this cheating thing to a whole new level." Tayo said to himself as he returned back to the spot where he was. He had his own problems to deal with.