Gloria (a short Story)


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“No.. No way” Hector whispered to himself with shaky hands. There was no way the content in the document he was looking at was true.

Hector could still remember the event of that day like the back of his palm. The day everything was taken away from him, the day his daughter went missing.

Hector and his wife Maria had always made it a tradition to take their daughter to the park on her birthday. Gloria loved the amusement park and her parents always made sure she enjoyed her day to the fullest.

Few years later, Maria got ill and passed. A big blow it was to the family, especially to Hector who now had the full responsibility of taking care of seven year old Gloria all by himself.

Things were hard but Hector always made sure him and Gloria visited the amusement park on her birthday. It wasn't just about her birthday anymore, it was something that now reminded him of his lovely wife.

It was on one of those birthdays outing that tragedy struck. Ten year old Gloria went missing.

Hector had asked her to wait while he go get ice-cream, that was the last time he saw her. How she had disappeared, he had no idea. He had immediately reported to the cops who were present at the park and an immediate search was organized, all to no avail. Little Gloria was gone.

Eighteen years later, and Gloria was still lost. It took the help of family and friends for Hector to remain alive. He made up his mind never to remarry or have any kid because he didn't know what would become of him if anything should happen to them if he decides to start a family again.

One morning, while he was sitting at home staring into space, he heard a knock on his door. It was a female detective, Gloria's case had been reopened following some new leads that came to light.

And now, three days after that detective walked into his home, Hector was staring at a piece of paper with tears welling up in his eyes. The detective was standing right in front of him, she too had tears in her eyes.

“It's impossi.. It's impossible” Hector continued, staring at the detective. He slowly raised his hand and placed it on her face. “Is this really you.. Are you really Gloria?” Hector asked.

“It's me papa and I've got so much to tell you.” Gloria said as she immediately hugged him, allowing the tears in her eyes to flow freely.

She was finally home.


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