Friends : For Better for Worse

Photo by Zach Vessels

Today is one of those days where I just feel stressed for doing absolutely nothing and yet it feels like I literally carried the world on my shoulders. And now all I wanna do is just remain on my bed and continue doing nothing but unfortunately, for some weird reasons, I can't seem to get a particular memory out of my mind and I've decided to put it out here, maybe that will help.

Something happened way back in primary school that I know for a fact still remains the most embarrassing day in the life of my friend and I say this because what I'm about to tell you guys didn't even happen to me directly and yet I felt very very embarrassed.

We were both in primary four at the time and at our school, we had two male toilets and two female toilets, then the teachers and staff had theirs. Only one of the male toilet was functioning at the time so we always made sure to not take a number two there, all we did was take a piss and that was it.

But on this particular day, this friend of mine had eaten something that started troubling his stomach so he had no choice but to go use the toilet. Back then, we always did this thing where we ask someone to go with us to the toilet so that they can stand at the door and tell other people that the toilet was preoccupied, I was that guy.

My friend had asked me to go with him so I followed. But just as we got to the toilet, it turned out that it was occupied. Some other guy was in there and due to how pressed my friend was, the dude was taking a lot of time. Now the best thing to do would have been for my friend to make use of the ladies bathroom because they both were empty but he refused and instead just let go.

The shock when I realized what he had done but then I understood he was under a lot of pressure, lol. Well he did what he did and we tried to clean as much as we could before returning to class but then it turned out that our cleaning skills wasn't that great because it didn't take long before something smelly started smelling.

Now back then in school, we had this one boy who always urinated on his body, so everyone had automatically thought that maybe he had taken his game a step higher and divided to shit on himself, so they all blamed him.

For a moment I and my friend felt we were going to get away with it and just let the other guy take the blame but just as the closing bell rang and we all stood for the closing assembly, someone noticed the flies that were following my friend around and that was when the truth came out.

Even though I was little then, I still know that we both wished the earth would open up and swallow us. Anyways, we both waited until everyone had left before walking back home together.