Friend Group of Four

Today's contest topic from the Hive Learners community is actually an interesting one for me because not too long ago, I was having this same conversation with one of my friends about our friend-group and also our financial status, if we would be able to help deal with huge financial problems as a group when the time comes.

Photo by Papaioannou Kostas

Well first of all, when it comes to my friend-group, I think it's safe to say that currently there are only four of us, meaning I only have four close friends at the moment. So whenever I want to do anything fun with friends, you will always see me either with one of them or all of them.

Now when it comes to our financial status, unfortunately none of us is rich but we're also not broke either, at least I can say that for three of us because we always do our best in our individual field of work to make sure that we always end up making some good money after the days work. And if you ask me, that's a good number because if three people out of a friend-group of four are doing well, then that means more than half the group is doing well which is a good result.

Do I see myself getting a more bigger friend-group? I honestly don't know and the truth is that I'm not really focused on that. What I'm focused on is seeing to it that everyone in the current friend group is successful and doing well and that is why I always encourage my friends to share opportunities with one another, enrich the friend group because no one can do it alone, no one should do it alone.

And I've always been that guy who knows the importance and value of winning as a team rather than winning alone, because as a team, there's this joy that comes with it. You feel loved and in the midst of people you can call family because you guys did it together and became successful together, unlike winning alone and just being alone. Though I'm not saying that there's anything wrong in winning alone, I just know it would be much more better doing it as a team.

So yeah, for now not everyone on my friend group is making it big time but we're all getting there and very soon, we would all be doing great. As for whether they have my back, I feel like this is the kind of question you really can't give an answer to until you're really in that situation where you need their help and see if they would help or not.

But if I have to answer, my answer would be yes because even though these were not serious situations, there had been times where I needed help and went to my friends and they turned up for me. So I think it's safe to say that when the time comes, my friends will have my back.