Firsthand Experience

Today's one of those days where I got to experience some of those things some homeless folks who've got nothing to eat all day probably experience everytime.

Photo by Thought Catalog

I had woken up a bit late today only to read on my department whatsapp group that we will be submitting an assignment in an hour time. Now this assignment belonged to one of those lecturers who doesn't tolerate nonsense. If you don't submit on time, you're never submitting it again.

Now if all I had was one hour to just go submit the assignment, it would have been an easy task. But I had just woken up, I haven't even brushed my teeth or taken my bath yet. One hour will be more than enough to do all of that but then I remember that I hadn't even written the assignment.

I was in trouble.

Anyways I got up, brought out my writing materials and started to write. It was a very long assignment so it took me almost thirty minutes to write it all and by the time I was done getting dressed, it was ten minutes to eleven. I had just ten minutes to get to school, which was more than enough time if I walked fast or got on a transit, so I left immediately without even getting something to eat or money for food. All I had on me was the exact amount I needed for transport.

Well I got to school on time, submitted and then tried to relax before the next class began. From 11am to 5pm was just me attending one class to another. It was almost as if all the lecturers got a wake up class and they all just decided to take their jobs seriously today.

By the time it got to 5pm and we were done for the day and I could no longer feel anything in my stomach. Have you ever gotten so hungry to the extent where you no longer feel hungry anymore? It was like I unlocked a new level of hunger, the avatar state of hunger.

I remember how on my way home, the one thought crossing my mind was how I will never be poor in my life because there is no way I plan on experiencing this kind of pain ever again in my life. I may have been saying that we should feed the poor and homeless, but the truth is that until we experience what this guys are passing through firsthand, we just might not truly understand what they go through on a daily basis.