Educational Sector

I was a bit disappointed when I realised that the "school and business" topic wasn't voted among the top three topics today and this was because I have a couple of things to say about it, things that I have decided to talk about regardless.

Photo by Ivan Aleksic

The thing about schools is that we can't take away the money aspect from it. A lot of youths over here in Nigeria have been at home for more than six months now and this is simply because universities are on strike, their reasons being that the government has refused to pay them that which they're owed.

Now I get it, money is a huge aspect when it comes to the educational sector, it's a huge factor in everything but recently, the schools over here are becoming too bold and taking it to the next level. A good example is what is currently happening at my school.

You see in the pasts, students were allowed to school for the entire four years without paying their school fees, until they were done schooling or they had money to pay and this was because the school knew that no matter what you do, you will always come back to get your result and that for your result to be given to you, you must have cleared every bill that you're expected to pay to the school.

So they know that you will always come back to them no matter what and besides, they get funds from the government to keep the school running. But recently, everything has changed.

I'm currently writing my third year exam and I was expected to be done by last week but our exam was put on hold right in the middle of us writing it and we were given one week ultimatum to go pay our fees or risk going for the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) a service every graduate must do for a year after they graduate before we could continue writing the exam.

I get it that the government is being a little bit stingy with funds these days but giving students ultimatum like this all of a sudden could lead to a lot of dangerous stuff like arm robbery and the rest.

I know money is important and without it a lot of things wouldn't work in Schools, but the schools really should take their problems to the government and stop increasing all of the fees because they're trying to get from us what the government couldn't give to them.


Yeah....something like this happened in my school too. But that was because of some irregularities that were going on at the senate building during clearance. A student that never paid school charges from 200l to 400l will just go the academic office direct, sort out the persons there and collect his certificate without paying the money into school account. The school was seriously losing. Someone who is owing school like 120k for 3 session school fees will just give them 50k at the academic office and collect certificate.

When the school management found out, it contributed to the introduction of no school fees no exam policy in the school which is the current policy till date.