Different People, Different Role

Photo by Joey Csunyo

When we talk about role models, most people name just one person as their role model which confuses me sometimes because I honestly feel like when discussing about something like this, it has to be more than one person. I say this because I feel like everyone should have a role model for different aspect of their lives.

I honestly don't think that we can have just one role model who we can mention and say this person is my role model for everything I do. First of all, we should know that a role model is someone that we look up to as a good example, you know, someone we will like to imitate and act like them.

Now let's imagine LeBron James is my role model because I love watching basketball but I happen to be a footballer who's hoping to get signed up by one of the big clubs someday and then a football coach comes to me and ask me who my role model is, I obviously will have to name someone who plays football and not LeBron James and that is why I honestly think that when it comes to role models, we should all have different people for different aspect of our lives.

A good example is me. When it comes to life in general, the one person I look up to as a good example is my dad. He basically is my role model because he taught me everything I know up to this day, both directly and indirectly. The man is my superhero. When it comes to football, it's no other person but Cristiano Ronaldo. I really don't play much football these days but back in the days when I was a baller, I remember watching some of Ronaldo's clip on youtube and being mesmerized by everything he does.

I've always wanted to be an actor too but unfortunately, I don't have a role model for that yet because I have a bunch of people that I just love watching and enjoy the way they act. So yeah for now, when it comes to life in general and football, those are the top people I see as my role models.

And when it comes to picking my role models, I really don't have a specific thing I look out for, just be good at whatever it is you do. You don't have to be the best in it, just good enough for me to respect you and that's it.


Wow! This piece right here is what I have always had in mind.

Every part of my life has a role model for me, including life in general, football, the entertainment sector, my relationship with God, e.t.c.

As a result, I agree with you when you indicated that a role model need not be a single individual.