Broken Trust

So it's 1:51am in the morning and I'm on my bed, listening to a song by 'Burna Boy' titled "Monsters you made" while typing out on my phone (though I'm going to post this much later in the morning). I had earlier mentioned in a previous post of mine how for some weird reasons, I now find it really hard to sleep at night. So I'm up, with nothing to do, just me and my thoughts. I guess this is that time of the night when your brain replays the days event and then you start wishing you've handled some things differently.

But for some reasons unknown to me, none of that happened to me, instead I found myself thinking about something not relating to me, an incident that had happened the previous day.

I sat quietly at the front of my hostel, hoping to feel the sweet evening breeze brush through my skin before I retired for the night when I realized that there was a commotion happening a little bit down the street. Usually in cases like this, I would go inside of my room to avoid getting hurt because things like this always ended in a bloody fight. But you see, it's still the festive period and a lot of student aren't back yet, meaning the whole place was still a bit scanty, so I needed to go know what the cause of the commotion was to know if I would be on the next bus out or not.

When I got a bit close, I wasn't able to hear the whole story but the little I heard went like this.

A friend (let's call him Frank) had asked his friend (let's call him Mike) if another friend of his could send some amount of money into Mike's bank account. According to Frank, his bank account were having issues and couldn't receive money at the moment so Mike had agreed because there obviously was no harm in giving his friend his account number to give to a stranger.

About ten minutes after Mike gave Frank his account number, he received an SMS on his phone which contained some codes. He had no idea what the codes were for and had shown it to Frank.

"I need to send him this code to complete the transfer" Frank had told Mike and had sent the code to his mysterious friend. Unknown to Mike, the guy he had given his account number to was trying to illegally withdraw money from his bank account and that code was the last piece of information he needed to complete the transfer.

By the time Mike realized that his money was missing, he quickly approached Frank to ask him about the missing money seeing how he was the only one he gave his phone to. Of course Frank had denied knowing anything about it but as I left them, I overheard one of them saying that they should go to the station and get the police involved and all that was on my mind was that this wasn't going to be a pleasant evening for dear Frank who had broken the trust his friend had in him.

Image belongs to me