Birthday Celebrations

Photo by Angèle Kamp

If there's one thing everyone does that I and members of my family don't do up till date is birthday parties. I remember while growing up, my mom would dress me up to go attend birthday parties of my friends and eat some of that party jollof rice that can only be found at parties. We would all dance, eat and get drunk on fruit juice before staggering back home to go spend the rest of the day at the toilet.

I remember sitting on that toilet seat and wonder why my parents never celebrate our birthdays. A question I never really got an answer to because I never really asked my dad about it but then I got the general sense that my old man didn't see anything special about birthday celebrations. This is a man who doesn't even celebrate Christmas (even though we all know December 25th isn't the actual date Jesus was born) not to talk of that of us, his tiny little children.

I used to think it had something to do with money too but now that I think about it all, we weren't really broke. My dad was financial stable enough to throw a little birthday party for us every now and then, he just didn't.

But you see, the celebration of birthdays might not hold any significant meaning except for the memories we create during those celebrations, but one thing birthday celebration does do is make us remember each others birth date. Who wouldn't want to remember a day where all we do is eat, drink and laugh with family and friends.

But due to the fact that we never for once celebrated any of our birthdays, I always find it hard to remember the birth dates of my siblings and also that of my parents. The least that I try to do is remember the birth month and then just wait until any day when they come and tell me its their birthday. I even remember writing down their birth dates on a diary one time but lost it probably because I'm not so good with diaries.

Anyways, if there is one thing that I'm sure a lot of people do, it's probably birthday celebrations, no matter the size of the party.