Best friends

Photo by Joel Muniz

I and a couple of friends were discussing about the thoughts of having a best friend. According to the guys, best friends are for the ladies and having a best friend as a guy seem gay. Of course I didn’t agree with them but I’m that guy who’s always at the background laughing my ass out while every once in a while saying something to continue the conversation and fun I’m having.

But today, instead of laughing like I usually would, I had this distant smile on my face. Almost like I was smiling at what they were saying but my thoughts were somewhere else.

“As a lady in a relationship, you should never have a male best friend because…” the voices of my friends faded away as my thoughts traveled back to many years ago when I still was at secondary.

I had a friend who was close to being a best friend to me (he was, I just don’t know why I won’t say it). It was during our final year in secondary school and we had both agreed to write our West African Exam Council (known as WAEC) in the different school. WAEC is an exam every high school student has to write in other to get into the university.

I remember calling him one particular day to remind him about the exam registration deadline as I had finished my own registration. Anyways, fast forward to few days later, I received the shock of my life. I had visited our school to go say hi to some old friends when someone just walked up to us to tell us that my friend, our classmate was dead.

I remember everyone freezing for like a second before someone screamed out saying that the dude was probably lying. All this time, I stood still, saying nothing. All that was going through my mind was “but I just spoke him some few days ago”

We had later gone to his place and the crowd we saw there confirmed the whole thing. My best friend was dead.

I remember walking home that day like a zombie. That was probably one of the days I realized how useless life can be. One minute you’re alive, the next you’re gone.

Probably why I’ve got no best friends now, just friends.